Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weee aim to please

We here at Weee Creations aim for variety, creativity, and fun in all we do. So when preparing for a marathon cake pop session I decided to make pops for those we are excited for all the recent snow and for those who wish it was 70 and sunny year round. (Personally after 6 hours in a cold/drafty kitchen I'm in the group wishing for 70 and sun.)

For anyone feeling the winter spirit and loving the snow and bone chilling winds, here is a cake pop for you:
Snowman cakepops

And for the rest of you who can't wait till it warms back up and there is sunshine, here is a cake pop for you:
Melting snowman cakepop

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sparkle gel makes for horrible pictures

Finally got the birthday cake done for next week. Cupcakes with skull cherries on them didn't turn out so well. Improvisation yielded cupcakes with pink sparkle bows and black and pink sugar crystals on them (pictures to come).

KUROMI (from My Melody) cake - french vanilla with vanilla butter cream and sparkle gel

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cupcake pops

How can you make a cupcake cuter? You make it mini and add a stick! A festive bite sized tidbit customizable for any occasion.

Cupcake pops - oreo, chocolate, or vanilla covered in white chocolate and chocolate.
1 dozen for $6 (each comes individually wrapped)
Oreo cake pops $8 per dozen, individually wrapped

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Cold winds, forecasts of snow, and a mounting heating bill - yep it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Foregoing the traditional fresh cut tree and trimmings - we have erected the white pre-lit wobbly tree (can't say that with out smiling). Since the Christmas festivities will not be at our house this year I decided to put up ol' wobbly and use it as a decoration for a birthday party I will be hosting mid month. Emo Hello Kitty character Kuromi will be the main theme with decorations in pink, purple and black to accent.

Lollipop tree - Your choice of characters on co-ordinating bag loaded with lollipops $20

How tough, yet girly... 

So however unconventional your decorations maybe - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have SpRiNkLeS will bake....

All those sprinkles and no orders to make : ~ ( 

Christmas candy and cookie time is almost upon us - for the holiday season I will be adding Buckeyes and Snow Drop cookies to my baking line up.

Buckeyes are sweet peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate - 1 dozen for $4.

SnOw DrOp CoOkIeS are delightfully moist and rich cookies that come in your choice of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate and are dusted in a snowy white layer - 1 dozen for $4   /  2 dozen for $6.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rule of Life Number 5

A while back I was searching the Internet for something and came across this very wise and important insight:

Rule Of Life Number 5: No matter how much you love the birthday cake- no one will BUY it for you unless it IS YOUR birthday : ~ (
(Regardless of how much you beg- he he.)

So live life everyday like you have something to
(And buy the cake anyway! ~ )


Cakes & Cupcakes

And now....for your viewing pleasure (can anyone else hear the drum roll when you read that?) a sampling of my handiwork with cakes and cupcakes (cake pops or balls are coming soon!).

Louisiana State University Foam Finger cupcakes - 
1/2 dozen TRIPLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting. (All cupcake orders come in 6 pack plastic containers to protect them during transit.)

Louisiana State University Tigers cupcakes -
1/2 dozen French Vanilla cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting.
Fall Harvest Party (simple) cupcakes with orange and green sanding sugar -
1 dozen French Vanilla cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting
1 dozen Triple Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting

M&M Apple Baskets -
5 dozen chocolate cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting. (I do LARGE orders also....)

The Claw (from Toy Story) with Little Green Men -
2 dozen chocolate cupcakes with whipped vanilla icing
Vanilla sheet cake with whipped vanilla icing and sparkling colored gel

Polka Dots and Bubbles birthday cake and cupcakes -
Vanilla round cake with whipped vanilla frosting topped and vanilla candy melts in assorted colors
2 dozen chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate frosting and vanilla candy melts in assorted colors

Halloween sheet cake -
Chocolate sheet cake with whipped vanilla frosting and sparkling gel and cookie crumb accents

Dog Bones and Flowers -
Chocolate layered cake with caramel mouse filling, fondant accents, chocolate and caramel frosting

The BOW -
Double layered chocolate cake with caramel mouse filling, fondant accents, and chocolate frosting

Winter Friends - French vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and gingerbread and snowman marshmellows

Another set of winter friends with a few more details....

"Sweet treats" of the non-edible persuasion

Hello and welcome to
 Weee Creations!

I've been selling handmade baby shower treats since the Spring of 2009 and have recently expanded to sell custom designed cakes and cupcakes (cake pops will be here soon). So let us kick off this preview of my work with sweet treats of the "non-edible persuasion".

Three tiered diaper cake decorated with burp clothes, receiving blankets, socks, wash cloth lolipops (I sell these alone or in bouquets), a bottle and other dinosaur themed trinkets.

Diaper tricycle made with diapers, receiving blankets, bibs, baby socks, a bottle, and teething keys.

And finally Wine bottle tiki torch kits - the kit include everything you will need to transform your favorite wine bottle into a beautiful mounted tiki torch - just add tiki torch fluid and viola!

Please note that the pictures are just samples of what I have done and can do - everything is customizable! For prices and/ordering information please send me an email at .