Monday, March 28, 2011

Something different

I had a last minute request for a cake that looked like a square purse. The requester wanted the color to be yellow and there to be pink flowers scattered over it. Here is the end result -
Vintage purse cake - french vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and fondant flowers.
So I drew inspiration from purses I have seen in vintage stores - the beaded handles always seemed to lay just askew, the big bead clasps that held it shut, and the strangely scattered patterns. I'm hoping the customer will be pleased and have a similar memory of these type of purses as I do.

So one of my biggest critics (aka my mom) told me that she just didn't see the purse in the cake (sigh). So I am back with a few more pictures of the final product that hopefully make this cake a little more understandable.
In this picture I would like to point out all the pretty flowers scattered over the board and also the rolo candy feet I added to the purse.

And here is a side view. I love the flower cut outs (provided to me by a Stampin Up dealer who is a friend - her link will be added as soon as I figure out how to do so). I didn't realize my rolling tape dispenser thing was broke until the last minute so I glued down all the paper cut outs with icing and even added icing dots to the small flowers. I'm praying that the grease in the frosting won't seperate and leave a grease mark on the paper - Stampin Up paper is some really quality paper and I've been impressed so far. Anyway, I hope these pictures made the cake look a little more like a purse in my critics eyes (love you mom!). As always, thank you for looking and have a sweet day!


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