Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preparing for my first ever wedding cake order

I don't think I have experienced anxiety this bad in years - my first wedding cake order! Might I add that my own wedding will be the week before this order and I'm not nervous about it but I'm scared half to death about this order. I've had dreams that I drop the cake, screw up the icing flowers, etc. EEEEK!
So I did what I do best - research and try to learn how to make the roses that are supposed to adorn the cake and in my search I found feathered roses. Here is my first attempt at them and let me add, I LOVE IT!!!

Here are a couple of different views and while I was at it I played with a few more flowers.
Ribbon rose bud.
From the left pansy, feathered rose, not sure what this flowers name is, and ribbon rose bud.
I really wish my camera took better pictures - I had so much fun doing these and hope to get more chances to make them soon. Well after my wedding and this wedding cake are done!

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